Dual Degree Option: Master of Public Policy and Administration/Master of Regional Planning

Professions in planning and public policy are often closely intertwined; planners in local governments often aspire to become better administrators in planning organizations and in government agencies  while administrators and policy makers need to develop planning skills to more effectively facilitate and manage development, especially in rapidly growing governments or organizations.  Students who complete the MRP/MPPA dual degree program emerge well prepared for meaningful and effective careers at the national, state and local levels in public policy, management, and economic development and planning.  The Center for Public Policy and Administration (CPPA) and Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning (LARP) offer a dual Master of Public Policy and Administration (M.P.P.A.) and Master of Regional Planning (M.R.P.) within three years of full-time study.  The MPPA/MRP requires that students complete 65 total credits; 35 in LARP and 30 through CPPA.  Applicants must meet admission requirements and be accepted by both CPPA and LARP to qualify for the dual degree option.  Students enrolled in the dual degree program usually begin by taking one full year in one program, then complete the core requirements of the other program in the second year.  Students fulfill the remaining requirements of both programs during their third year of study.


Additional information regarding M.R.P. program options is available in the Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning section of this Bulletin.

Additional information regarding M.P.P.A. program options is available in the Public Policy and Administration section of this Bulletin.

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