Combined Degree in Law and Planning

Students may simultaneously complete a Juris Doctor degree from Western New England University School of Law in Springfield and a Master of Regional Planning degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in four academic years, rather than the five years it would take if the programs were pursued separately.

Students must spend their first year at the School of Law and the second year in the Regional Planning program. Thereafter, the student finishes degree requirements by spending entire semesters at either institution to complete remaining credits. Students are required to complete the core courses and mandatory academic requirements at each institution. In meeting these requirements, the combined program requires that each institution grant credit for one semester’s work (12 credits) at the other institution. For the Regional Planning 48-credit program, 36 credits will be taken in the planning program, with law courses constituting the remaining 12 cross-credits for the M.R.P. degree. At the School of Law, the student must earn 88 credits to obtain a J.D. degree, with 12 of those credits earned from the Regional Planning program.

Those interested in this program must apply and gain admission to each school separately, a process which is facilitated through cooperation in the admissions process by both the Regional Planning program and the School of Law.

Additional information regarding the M.R.P. program is available in the Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning section of this Bulletin.

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