Dual Degree Option: Master of Landscape Architecture/Master of Regional Planning

A growing number of students have recognized the overlap between policy and design and have seen the importance of a strong link between the process and product of land development. The dual degree option combines the design and analysis of urban and rural landscapes with a concern for the social, political, regulatory, and economic factors that shape those landscapes. This option, which usually requires one year less study than taking the degrees separately, confers two separate degrees upon completion. The versatility which results from the blending of these two related fields can be a valuable asset for the student. Many public agencies and private consulting firms have preferred employing those students who have the dual skills this option offers.

Students who choose the dual degree option are expected to complete 78 credit hours and must file for both degrees at the same time. The courses taken must include the required core courses of both programs.

Additional information for the M.L.A. and M.R.P. degrees is available in the Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning section of this Bulletin.

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