The Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

101 The Earth (PS) (both sem) 4 cr

103 Introductory Oceanography (PS) (both sem) 4 cr

105 Dynamic Earth (PS) 4 cr

131 Experiencing Geology (both sem) 1 cr

201 History of the Earth (2nd sem) 4 cr

231 Geological Field Methods (2nd sem)

285 Environmental Geology (PS) (1st sem)

307 Geologic Writing (2nd sem)

311 Mineralogy (1st sem) 4 cr

321 Petrology (2nd sem) 4 cr

331 Geological Mapping (1st sem)

415 Introduction to Geochemistry

431 Structural Geology (1st sem)

445 Sedimentology (1st sem)

485 Applied Environmental Geology (1st sem) 4 cr

515 X-ray Fluorescence Analysis (2nd sem) 2 cr

517 Sedimentary Geochemistry (1st sem alt yrs)

519 Aqueous and Environmental Geochemistry 4 cr

531 Tectonics (2nd sem alt yrs) 4 cr

539 Advanced Geological Mapping (1st sem)

563 Glacial Geology (1st sem) 4 cr

567 Planetary Geology (2nd sem alt yrs)

571 General Geophysics (1st sem)

573 Environmental Geophysics

575 Paleomagnetism (1st sem)

587 Hydrogeology (2nd sem) 4 cr

591C Introduction to Climate Modeling

591G Granites and Rhyolites (1st sem)

591M Micropaleontology

591V Volcanology

595D Physical Oceanography 4 c

597P Paleoceanography

597A Tectonophysics

597I Isotope Geochemistry

The following graduate courses are also open to undergraduates.

615 Organic and Biogeochemistry

621 Sedimentary Petrology (2nd sem)

631 Brittle Fracture Analysis (1st sem alt yrs) 4 cr

Additional electives can be chosen in physical geography. For details, see the Geography course listing.

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