The Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

120 Chemical Engineering Fundamentals (2nd sem)

220 Chemical Engineering Principles of Biological Systems (1st sem) 4 cr

226 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I (2nd sem)

291A Professional Development Seminar (1st sem) 1 cr

320 Kinetics and Reactor Design (1st sem)

325 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II (1st sem)

330 Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics (1st sem)

333 Heat and Mass Transfer (2nd sem)

338 Separations (2nd sem)

361 Mathematical Modeling (2nd sem)

391A Professional Development Seminar (1st sem) 1 cr

401, 402 Chemical Engineering Laboratory I (1st sem) and II (2nd sem ) 4 cr

444 Chemical Process Design I (1st sem)

446 Process Control and Dynamics (1st sem)

475 Physical Chemistry (1st sem)

491A Professional Development Seminar (1st sem) 1 cr

590A Bioprocessing Engineering Lab (2nd sem)

592B Introduction to Biochemical Engineering

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