The Program

15 credits of course work plus a 6 credit internship with a cooperative organization, arranged through the Valley Alliance of Worker Co-ops.  A downloadable checklist with list of approved courses may be found at

1: Complete one of the following Introductory Courses: Econ 103 (or Res Econ 102); Econ 104; or Econ 105

2. Complete one course in advanced research methodology: Stats 240; Res Econ 212; Econ 452; Res Econ 313; or Stats 501

3. Take the Economics of Cooperative Enterprises Course: Econ 394CI

4. Make an appointment with Valerie Voorheis to discuss the certificate program.

5. Complete additional upper level courses to fill out the 15 credits of course work. (see checklist)

6. Arrange a 6-credit internship through the Valley Alliance of Worker Cooperatives (VAWC).


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