Estimated Tuition and Expenses

Graduate students pay tuition at the following (Fall 2011) rates: residents of Massachusetts — $110 per credit hour up to $1,320 per semester; “regional students” — $192.50 per credit hour up to $2,310 per semester; nonresidents — $414 per credit hour up to $4,968.50 per semester.

In order to enroll as a Massachusetts resident for tuition and fee purposes, a student must have on file a Residency Statement. Students originally classified as nonresident who believe they have met the residency requirements may appeal their classification before the beginning of the semester. Forms are available from the Graduate School.

The Summer Session tuition charges and fees are stated in the Summer Session course listing at

Estimated Annual Tuition and Fee Expenses for 2011-12 (12 credits)

Massachusetts Residents

Tuition $2,640
Required Fees $9597
Total $12,237


Tuition $9,937
Required Fees $14,449
Total $24,386

New England Regional

Tuition $4,620
Required Fees $13,562
Total $18,182

Tuition and fees are calculated on an annual basis for a graduate student carrying 12 credits per semester. Tuition and fees are prorated for fewer than 12 credits. Graduate Assistants with a Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) tuition waiver pay annually about $1,380 in mandatory fees.

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