Doctor of Philosophy Degree Program

Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Geosciences

The general requirements for the Ph.D. degree are those of the Graduate School. All candidates are expected to have a background approximately equivalent to this University’s M.S. degree in geology or geography, although this by no means precludes individualized programs for those entering with special strength in another discipline. All candidates should be familiar with the current M.S. degree requirements. Additional requirements for the Ph.D. are as follows:

1. Course work or independent study deemed necessary to prepare the candidate for the preliminary comprehensive examination. A program of study must be approved by the faculty.

2. Ph.D. candidates are expected to gain some experience in teaching.

3. Enrollment in the Seminar GEO-SCI 791A Developing a Research Proposal during the first semester of residence.

4. Passage of a preliminary comprehensive examination based upon a research proposition.

5. Participation in each semester of residence in GEO-SCI 701 Professional Seminar, and at least one oral presentation of research results in this seminar.

6. The departmental requirement for Ph.D. dissertation credits is a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 27.

These requirements are implemented with the aid of a Guidance Committee. Full details of the program are contained in the graduate student manual available in the department.

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